Ashleigh Armitage is a designer working within the arts, cultural and educational sectors.

Lecturer in Graphic Design (BA) at Leeds Beckett University.

Index of Convalescence

Exhibition & Website  2021/22 —  Laura Mansfield & Swen Steinhäuser.  Index of Convalescence is a growing collection of fragments of research that form the shifting ground of an ongoing programme of artist commissions and public events.  First developed during the hight of a global pandemic, the index offers itself as a resource for an array of interdisciplinary endeavors of thinking, dreaming and (re-)inventing innovative modes and structures of caring for ourselves, each other and the environments of our shared habitats.

facing Extinction

Publication & Website design, 2020.  Corridor8 in collaboration with University of Leeds and Manchester Museum — facing Extinction aims to creatively engage with The Sixth Mass Extinction Event, a topic ‘so enormous, so existentially all-encompassing, so planetary, that it is hard to know whether any kind of feelings – and if so, which ones – are possible, appropriate or recognised’.

My Crazy Family Golf

Exhibition & Print  2020/22 —  Watts & Dad.
My Crazy Family Golf, is a participative project made by Lisa Watts and her father, Gordon Watts. The project tells Dad’s story of being the primary carer for his wife (Lisa’s Mum) for the majority of her adult life. Her complex mental illness has had profound effects on all the family and their relationships with each other. 

An Open Ground

Billboard Design, 2017.  Bloc Projects, Sheffield — An Open Ground is an exhibition and wider research project that looks at issues surrounding historical storytelling, inner city gentrification and the complex issues surrounding heritage and rapid development. The billboard design tells of hidden tales and the layering of the area, through the building and re building of businesses and organisations throughout its long history.  Design w/ Chris Winter (Dust Collective)

FEAST Journal

Various Outputs (physical & digital), 2012—Ongoing. FEAST works with community, museum and gallery partners to facilitate creative research centered upon the history, present and future of growing, processing and consuming food. In collaboration with Laura Mansfield

Yorkshire Visual Art Network

Annual Report, 2022 —
YVAN is an infrastructure body for the visual arts in Yorkshire and the Humber. Founded on the creative vision of individual artists and arts organisations. We prioritise individual practitioners, artists networks, small-scale initiatives and the artist-led.

MGETR Casestudies

Casestudy design 2019/22.
Commision by Contemporary Visual Arts Network & Sue Ball (MAAP) the case studies were designed to support and mobilise the arts and museum sector to take advantage of the Museum and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR). 


Website & Identity Design, 2020 — Funded by the NIHR Health Service, Re:Mission is a Leeds Beckett University research project evaulating the NHS low calorie Diet Programme. Designed with Dust Collective.